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President Bush is now an honorary member of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club complete with his own leather jacket. And you cannot help but wonder which motorcycle the President would ride: would it be a Harley-Davidson, Triumph or Honda?

Many of the Rolling Thunder bikers are veterans and reminded President Bush that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of benefits veterans receive during active duty and after they leave the service.

This was a very appropriate way to mark the end of Motorcycle Safety Month. With Rolling Thunder’s visit to the White House on May 25th, it also underscored that what we really need are uniform motorcycle laws across the United States as well as increased driver education on how to share the road with bikers. Perhaps this event will encourage our lawmakers to turn a more careful eye to the legislature that is high the bikers lists of concerns.

Of course bikers need to do their part as well. It is a mystery to me why after countless motorcycle accidents, some of them fatal, that there are STILL bikers who ride without proper training, protective gear, license or insurance.

The more bikers respect their own safety, the easier it will be for drivers to do the same.

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Motorcycles and racing is a match that’s made in heaven as far as fans are concerned. Thousands of bikers and car drivers attend events that deliver a thrill that is hard to define. Several websites have broadcast events but there’s something new is on the horizon: The Moto Channel on MediaZone.com.

Media Zone brings comprehensive coverage of Motorcross, Freestyle, Mini and SuperMoto racing direct and live via Internet TV. Beside the live coverage, there are archives of past season events and Fantasy Leagues as well.

Join the community with a season pass annual subscription of $24.99 and you can upload your photos and videos, blog and participate in member forums. Plus when it comes to live events, you will not believe all of the action that is included:

  • Weekly highlights on MediaZoneMoto.com
  • 2008 Motocross of Nations
  • 2008 Supermoto of Nations
  • 2008 FIM Supermoto World Championship
  • 2008 FIM Motocross World Championship
  • 2005-2007 Motocross, Supermoto, Freestyle and 2006 Minimoto Archives

The Moto Channel lets you truly experience the feeling of “being there” from where ever you are in the world. With coverage of motorcycle events from around the world on Internet TV, you may never watch regular television again.

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Here’s an interesting point to think about: why do some bikers think it’s okay to ride uninsured? Is it possible they don’t realize there are heavy fines and penalties if they are caught–including losing their bike?

Hmmm…it does makes one wonder how they missed the memo on biker safety. Research studies show that uninsured automobile drivers tend to behave more recklessly: could the same be true for bikers? In addition when two cars are involved in an accident and either of them is uninsured, guess what? It affects the lives and premium rates of everyone.

It’s amazing to hear discussions offering workarounds that encourage bikers to flaunt the law. Yeah, we know the cost of living is high. But let me ask you this: have you checked the prices on funeral arrangements lately? Can you imagine being the uninsured biker in an accident? The first thought will be: “No insurance? That was stupid.”

Let’s not forget that bikers are already living on the fringe of legal roadrunners. Gas prices are making drivers look kindly at motorcycles, but there are still those who wouldn’t miss them. There have been some nasty encounters between drivers and riders on the road. So with that said…is YOUR bike legal?

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Whether you are biking to work or across country, you can never have enough storage space butcargo storage you don’t want to weigh down your bike too much with extra luggage. Having all of your necessities at your fingertips just got easier with the Grab-it Pack. With a design that mimics the ever-ready gun holster, this nifty water-resistant storage gadget was invented by Louis Kiss, a Hollywood Stuntman and Special Effects Makeup Artist.

The Grab-it Pack is great for holding your wallet, cell phone, keys and coins: all the small stuff that you need on your ride. It’s designed to hug your hip, and straps secure it around your waist and your leg. It can be worn on either your right or left side or if you really need A LOT of storage room you can wear one on both sides. Velcro flaps hold all of your stuff securely in place making it easy to open and get to the things you need when on your motorcycle.

The Grab-it Pack is one of those items that can be used by every biker. It has a no-nonsense functional design gives you extra on-body cargo space that you can remove when you reach your destination. Way cool and reasonably priced to boot. Check it here.

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Has YOUR Representative Signed on to H. Res. 339
Supporting the Goals of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month?

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month officially got the green flag on May 1st in Washington, DC. This year Congress saddled up at the starting line to show their support by introducing H. Res. 339 which highlights the safety guidelines that all bikers should know by heart:

  • Have a legal license
  • Get motorcycle rider training
  • Always wear a good quality DOT approved helmet
  • Wear protective leather motorcycle riding gear, boots and gloves
  • NEVER drink and ride

But H. Res. 339 goes an extra mile: focusing on the need for automobile drivers to not only share the road but also to be on the alert for motorcycle riders. In too many motorcycle accidents involving automobiles, the drivers stated that they didn’t see the motorcycle.

Really? Okay bikers, how can we change that?

  • Use your headlights — even during daylight hours
  • Wear helmets and gear with reflective red and white markings

Why red and white? Because these are the colors used in railroad crossing signs: automobile drivers associate them with danger. Respect your life: make your presence on the road easy to recognize and hard to ignore.


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How many times have you wished for a dream job working with motorcycles? Well, here is your chance to go for the gold and toss your hat in the ring for a chance to do the work you love and get paid well for your effort.

For the fourth year in a row, on May 5th Motorcycle Industry Jobs.com will host the online “Moto Job Fair” and is offering employers a huge opportunity to recruit the best moto talent on the planet and save a lot of cash ($125.00) in advertising fees if postings are placed by May 4th.

As a bonus, all of the help wanted ads placed by May 4th will be available to job seekers for 15 days (to May 20th) at no additional charge. Employers can also place their ads by calling the toll-free number of Motorcycle Industry Jobs: 1-866-376-8964.

MIJ is based in Escondido, California and has earned a solid reputation as the leading Internet search engine for the motorsports industry. Skilled bikers who have a passion for motorcycles get treated right; registration with the service provides several features to connect you with your dream job: highlight your resume with a 500 character clip to attract attention and receive instant job notifications by email — all for free: what’s not to love? Check it out: http://motorcycleindustryjobs.com/index.php

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Braking is the one aspect of motorcycling that many bikers struggle to master, especially when making an emergency stop. There are a few new motorcycles that have anti-lock brakes, but this option calls for deep pockets; not every biker can afford them.

The problem most bikers face without anti-lock brakes is that if you are riding full out and your wheels lock the result in most cases will not be pretty. Thankfully now there is a reasonably priced motorcycle accessory that comes in second only to the helmet in providing you with safety and protection: Traction Control Brakes.

This accessory is a safety product that can save your life. The brakes on a motorcycle lock on the high and low areas of the rotor. The Traction Control Brake System plays the role of middleman, absorbing the shock to the brake so they float over these areas. It eliminates premature locking of your brakes and gives you an accurate way to gauge how much brake you’re using.

At $79 a wheel, this is one safety feature you cannot afford to do without; Traction Control Brakes can be fitted to 95% of the current bikes on the market. Protect yourself and be safer on the road: see the Traction Control Brake System up close and personal.

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