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Mark your calendars and get ready for a real treat at 8pm on Tuesday, June 24th. SpeedTV’s fascinating American Thunder motorcycle series has become hugely popular and this week’s episode puts the spotlight on Ridley Motorcycles.

Filmed during Myrtle Beach Bike Fest the show will feature an interview with Jay Ridley, son of Clay Ridley who started the company that has revolutionized motorcycles.

Clay Ridley has led a life full of innovation and the pursuit for excellence continues. Ridley Motorcycles is a privately held company founded in 1995 and has become synonymous with automatic motorcycles. Great care and precision in design goes into the production of these high quality machines which are tagged: “America’s Automatic Motorcycles.”

This program shows you the power and performance that many find hard to believe comes from a motorcycle that has automatic control. Motorcycle fans will get a close-up view of the “0eight Auto-Glide Chopper” pictured here, when the host of the show, Michelle Smith takes it for a spin. Ridley’s new “Auto-Glide Trike” will also be reviewed.

Michelle travels the country attending motorcycle events for SpeedTV, the number one channel for motorsports, so don’t miss this exciting episode. Check your local listings for channel and programming information.

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With the onset of warm weather bikers around the country are eager to be on the road again and part of the fun is attending biker rallies.

One of the first events that always have a huge turnout is Bikefest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which took place June 2nd.

The reports have been pouring in that because of bikers behaving badly, the City Council is going to review hosting the event.

The majority of bikers attend rallies to meet friends, listen to great music, relax and have fun.

But many people on both sides seem to be stuck in the 1950’s: when rock n’ roll music was supposedly the product of an evil force and bikers earned a reputation for striking fear in the hearts of the townsfolk.

Every time bikers gather, there seems to be a great burst of energy released by non-bikers due to fear of the biker stereotype, that a handful of bikers like to keep alive.

It should be noted that college students share the credit with bikers for creating the mischief that is causing the City Council to take a second look at Bikefest.

Behaving badly or biker rage: call it what you will, just like road rage displayed by drivers, it’s bad news.

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Believe it or not, with only 91 miles of road Juneau, Alaska has more motorcycles per capita than most places in the United States.

This is one of the reasons for the 91 Miles to Ride: Juneau’s Biker Culture exhibit at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.

Four classic motorcycles will be on display; a 1924 Henderson Inline IV, a 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead (shown in the photo on the right), a 1946 Indian Chief and a 9-foot-long 1975 customized chopper, all on loan from Juneau bikers.

In 2006, 1,025 motorcycles were registered in Juneau. According to Sarah Asper-Smith, guest curator of the exhibit which opened May 18th and will be on display until September 27th, the exhibit examines the reason why there are so many motorcycles in town, when it’s not possible to drive out of town and only 3 good months for riding a year.

The exhibit features memorabilia and photographs, which highlight the biker culture and groups of Juneau. There is a lot of history in these photographs: a 1930s photograph shows one of the earliest motorcycle clubs in town, when there were only one or two roads.

The motorcycle owners of Juneau are a passionate group and according to the Museum Director Jane Lindsey, the exhibit appeals to the community on different levels. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about the history of Juneau, their neighbors and get a chance to see  vintage motorcycles that combine art with machine beautifully.

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Cameron Donald donned his AGV helmet and had a big day at the recent Superbike TT on the Isle of Man along with 2 of his Relentless Suzuki team members, Adrian Archibald and Bruce Anstey.

Suzuki GSX-R1000s are respected for their racing power and both of these riders are skilled at testing their metal and pushing their bikes to the ultimate performance. Racing fans screamed with delight as the Aussie mounted the podium to receive his honors.

The Relentless Suzuki team rode hot, thanks to the K8 TAS Performance-prepared GSX-R1000s. Their performance at the event keeps the record held by Suzuki intact starting with every rider from Norman Brown forward who have claimed top honors.

There were plenty of exciting moments, especially when Cameron Donald clocked in at 129.256mph on lap six of the 37.73 mile Mountain Circuit in just 17 minutes 30.84 seconds!

Fireblade John McGuinness’ exit from the race gave Cameron an extra boost of confidence that this could be his moment to shine and without a doubt he proved that he is racer to watch. Guy Martin proved to be a worthy contender, by leading early in the race, but Cameron Donald did not give him any quarter, pursuing him with rock solid determination that paid off; in lap three there was only 10 seconds separating Cameron and Martin from the rest of the field and in lap four Cameron overtook the lead from Martin.

Cameron Donald gave the credit for his win to every member of the Relentless Suzuki team and his gear, in particular his AGV helmet for their role in his winning performance. You can read the entire story at roadracingworld.com.

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