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If you love Harley-Davidson motorcycles, then you will not be surprised to know that this is the motorcycle of choice for thonds of motorcycle police, fire and rescue squad officers. The company has specialized training courses on the mechanics and performance techniques that are known around the world, in addition to supplying instructors for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation: mandatory training for every motorcyclist.

The Harley-Davidson law enforcement training competition will be held in Milwaukee WI on August 28-29, celebrating 100 years of law enforcement motorcycles during Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary celebration. The company recently donated three motorcycles to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to be auctioned over the next three years to assist with the physical building of the National Law Enforcement Museum shown on the website.

Throughout the history of the relationship between law enforcement and Harley-Davidson, it’s dedication to manufacturing the highest quality performers has become a legend in the Electra Glide model, which has become the standard in most of the police units across the country. See what it takes to be the best with these great riders in motorcycle action.

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On Saturday, September 13th, 250 motorcyclists will have the honor of participating in the “Lap of Champions” at the totally new road racing course at the Indianapolis Speedway. The entire motorcycling world will be watching this event which is the prelude to the 2008 MotoGP World Championship round that will take place on September 14th.

The Red Bull Indianapolis GP is destined to be an event filled with memorable pageantry and excitement. This will be the first time that the MotoGP will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the first motorcycle race at this famous racing facility in 99 years.

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Indianapolis GP

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Indianapolis GP

With the world’s greatest motorcycle riders reaching speeds of 200 mph, this is one event that defines the phrase “the need for speed.”

Speedy action is needed to support the research to find the cause and cure for brain tumors in children. And the proceeds from “Lap of Champions” fundraiser will  help fill this great need as well.

Donations start at $100 for a single ride pass and $425 donations included MotoGP passes for two and motorcycle parking. Participants in the Lap of Champions will also be eligible for prizes after the ride, but you must be present to win at the drawing. Prizes include:

  • AGV GP Tech helmet
  • AGV Sport leathers
  • AGV Sport boots and gloves
  • Set of Dunlop tires

This event will benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. and the highest level fundraisers will receive a Aerostich Roadcrafter or Darien riding suit of their choice. Here’s your chance to be a real hero to thousands of children that the foundation assists through research and support.

Registration is limited to 250 motorcycles so follow this link to register.

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Photo Courtesy of BMW Motorrad

Photo Courtesy of BMW Motorrad

When it comes to great motorcycles for racing and touring, BMW is a name that has gained a significant amount of respect for high performance and quality engineering. In world class events in different countries, motorcyclists are enjoying the ease of handling and control on BMW bikes.

Now these bikes are also making news for a different reason–in a promotion  to say “thanks” to the women and men in uniform. Let’s tip the hat to BMW Motorrad USA for the special purchase program that they are offering all active members of the U.S. armed forces from now until December 31st.

The promotion is geared to make it a little easier for military personnel to get in the saddle of their favorite BMW motorcycle for personal use. A great way to travel around town or across country, these bikes were made for bikers who live to ride.

Activated reservists, members of the U.S. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard either on active duty or those who have recently completed a tour of active duty are eligible. For those who are retired service members or who have recently been discharged a Department of Defense Form 214 may be required.

Discounts vary according to the model series chosen; $250 off the F and G series, $400 off the R series and $500 off the K series (pictured on the right).

You can see the entire lineup of models at BMW Motorrad website, whether you prefer a sport, racing or touring bike the technical specs is sure to impress you.

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Photo courtesy of Rockymtnmoto.com

Photo courtesy of Rockymtnmoto.com

To make your motorcycle road trip rewarding, it’s essential to plan ahead, from the route you will travel to ensuring you have the gear you need to handle any situation.

To be prepared for whatever may happen on the road, here are the final 5 essentials to complete our top ten list of must have items you should pack:

  1. Roadmap: You should carry a laminated, foldable roadmap. A travel compass is also a great tool to help you get your bearings. A solid GPS system with bike mount is a good investment or a cell phone broad band Internet access to online GPS can work.
  2. Security: A wheel lock, heavy chain with a lock. Make sure that the lock is long enough so it can secure both wheels to make it difficult to be rolled away. You may also want to disable your bike for an added level of protection.
  3. Spare key: It’s a smart idea to carry a spare ignition key because, hey ya never know. Stow it in a ziplock plastic bag and secure it in a safe place on your bike or in your gear.
  4. Motorcycle mechanics list: Check your bike thoroughly before you take off down the road and make a list of bike repair shops along your journey. Keep it in a plastic protector with your important documents.
  5. Personal necessities: Power snacks like nuts and dried fruits give you long lasting energy. Decaf 5-hour Energy has B-vitamins and amino acids plus choline to enhance mental clarity.And don’t forget the toiletries; sanitary wipes, tooth brush, toothpaste and deodorant.

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Photo Courtesy of Wild Wind Motorcycle Tours

Photo Courtesy of Wild Wind Motorcycle Tours

Summer is winding down but there is still time to celebrate the uniqueness of the season and the joy of riding your motorcycle on the open road.

If you are looking for a special road trip you might enjoy joining the crew from Wild Wind Motorcycle Tours on a ride to the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada will be held this year from August 25 to September 1.

The 2008 art theme is “The American Dream” and this event has been called a once-in-a-lifetime, not-to-be missed experience in a location is perfect for refining your motorcycle riding skills.

Since 1986, the Burning Man Festival has been centered on the power of art.

A motorcycle is a work of art in motion: riding through the magnificent scenery of the Black Rock Desert can be truly awe-inspiring. But come prepared, the 107 degree temperature of the desert can be ruthless.

Wild Wind Motorcycle Tours is based in Arizona and offers a variety of tours to mystical and magical places in the southwest. If you want to ride the legendary Route 66 or the Grand Canyon, these are the bikers to call.

To get a taste of how the Wild, Wild West earned its name, participate in the Arizona Good Guys and Gunslingers tour to “the town to tough to die,” Tombstone, Arizona.

For those bikers who want in on the Wild Wind Motorcycle Tours fun to Burning Man Festival, don’t delay because space is limited.

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