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As with most things, the technology involved in building motorcycles has improved. Today’s motorcycles are bigger and faster than ever before. If you have deep pockets, very deep pockets, you can even design your idea of a dream machine. Most of these high end motorcycles will sell for anywhere from $100,000 to over a half of a million dollars.

While there have been motorcycles that have sold for a lot more, over $600,000, those were usually collectors items and sold for so much due to their uniqueness. Bikes such as the 1915 Cyclone sold for $520,000 at auction. More recently the Vincent Black Lightning was put up for auction and was expected to sell for over $600,000. The bikes are basically works of art and one of a kind. The bikes on this list, however, aren’t one of a kind. They are production bikes that anyone can purchase if they have enough money.

When it comes to the top 3 most expensive production motorcycles there seems to be general agreement to what they are: Ecosse Titanium Series, Dodge Tomahawk, and the MTT Turbine Superbike. While there are some who say that the Dodge Tomahawk is not actually a motorcycle due to it’s unique four wheel design, there are also many people who argue that the overall design is still that of a motorcycle, regardless of the way the wheels are configured. It doesn’t matter which school of thought you belong to, it’s still a really cool looking vehicle!

Here is a little more information on each of our top 3 most expensive motorcycle contenders:

1) If you’ve got an extra $550,000 just burning a hole in your pocket you might want to check out the Dodge Tomahawk. This very limited production bike (so far only 10 have been made) is not street legal and may not even be a motorcycle, you can decide that for yourself. But it is a very unique looking bike and it is fast. This will definitely be one of those things that is more status symbol than mode of transportation.

Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk

Here are the vitals for the Tomahawk:

V 10 4 stroke, 500 hp @ 5600 RPM, 525.5 ft lbs of torque @ 4200RPM, liquid cooled, 2 speed gearbox, maximum RPM 6000, Total weight 1,500 lbs., 3″ ground clearance, 76″ wheel base, monocoque central engined stressed member frame, double disc front and rear brakes, top speed 300 MPH, 0 – 62 in 2.5 seconds, 3.25 fuel tank capacity.

2) If you have a more modest budget, say around $275,000 you can pick up your very own Ecosse Titanium Series. While almost 300 grand may seem like a lot of money for a motorcycle, you’ll be glad to know that they’ll also throw in a custom made titanium watch with every purchase! The production will be limited to 10 so you’d better hurry. This motorcycle was dreamed up by American Donald Atchison and is the first bike to sport an all titanium frame.

Ecosse Titanium

Ecosse Titanium

Here’s all the information you need to know before you run out and pick one up:

The engine is an Ecosse/Engenuity Racing 2150 cc polished Billet aluminum 45 degree American twin-cam V-Twin, 210 ft./lbs of torque, 6 speed close ration transmission with final overdrive gear, all titanium frame, ISR custom radial braking system, 440 lbs., 60.5″ wheelbase, 12 adjustable position foot peg, with rider specific adjusted suspension when you pick up your bike.

3) And if you have more common sense than money, the MTT Turbine Superbike might be just the ticket. Priced at ‘only’ $185,000 it’s the budget friendly option of the top three. The worlds only turbine powered motorcycle has been featured often in the media and most memorably in the movie “Torque”. The Superbike holds two Guinness World Records.

MTT Turbine Superbike

MTT Turbine Superbike

Here’s all you need to know about the Superbike:

Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine engine, 320 hp @ 52,000 RPM, 425 ft/lbs. of torque @ 2,000 RPM, 2 speed automatic transmission, aluminum alloy frame, 500 lbs, carbon fiber fairings, custom colors available, diesel and kerosene fuels, 8.5 gal fuel capacity, 1.5 gal reserve tank capacity, 17″ carbon fiber wheels, 68″ wheel base, 3×320 mm floating system 4 piston caliper brakes, rear mounted camera with LCD color monitor in dash.

So there you have it, your next years Birthday Wish List! Not many of us will ever be able to afford any of these bikes, but they’re still fun to look at and marvel at. And who knows, maybe some day you’ll win the lottery and if you do you’ll know just what you want to buy with your money!

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