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Motorcycles are a general concept, but within the motorcycle models, there are different categories. Race or supersport, custom, trial, trail, dual-purpose, enduro, motocross are the most common. But at the last Toyko Motor Show, a new breed of motorcycle was introduced.

Yamaha show their latest concept, the XTW250 RYOKU motorcycle (link). From a first look, it appears to be a motorcycle straight out of a cartoon. All it needs is its own character.

The XTW250 RYOKU concept is a cross between the Yamaha XT250 and the dual-purpose TX225, but modified to carry heavy loads. The closest this bike comes to something we all know in the car world, is the SUV, or more like a HUMMER.



The concept motorcycle has a very fat tire in the rear, and even the front tire is not as narrow as its “parent” counterparts. The fuel tank is low to the ground, implying a low center of gravity, enabling you to carry heavy loads and still maintain a good control over the motorcycle.

Throw in the rather large cargo rack at the back, and you’ve got a motorcycle that will be an enormous hit in Asia.

Asian Motorcycle Carrying Cargo

Asian Motorcycle Carrying Cargo

Motorcycles will carry anything in Asia, and most of them are low displacement engines. A 250cc engine, rugged, able to carry heavy loads and still maintain control should go down well in those parts of the world. The only question will be the price. The only other real “SUV” on the market today is the Rokon, but that motorcycle is a two-wheel drive and is very expensive.

But will we see this motorcycle appear in the North American or European markets? Time will tell, but I doubt it.

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