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The first decision you have to make when buying a new motorcycle is which brand and model. They are important decisions since the manufacturer and model have to please you since you’ll be riding them for years to come. But the second decision is probably as crucial as the first, namely what color.

PigeonIt may sound strange that color would be so important, but according to a recent survey done by British retailing group Halfords, depending on the color of a car, more or less bird droppings may be found. In other words, if you have got the wrong color, be prepared to be cleaning more.

The survey was made on cars, but it applies to motorcycles as well. The surface is just smaller for birds to make their deposits, but make them they will.

The survey of 1140 cars showed that 18% of cars that received bird poop were red. The next in line were blue cars at 14%, black at 11%, white at 7% and grey or silver at 3%.

The lucky ones? Kawasaki owners should be happy, since only 1% of green cars got hit by bird droppings.

Of course this is not a scientific study, but a survey. Color is not the only determining factor for a bird; location, shelter, threats etc all play a factor. But one thing is for sure, if your motorcycle has been targeted by birds, clean it off immediately. Paint will deteriorate if you don’t remove the bird droppings. You will start seeing discoloration, and that is a bad thing. And that goes especially for Ducati and Honda owners, since your motorcycles are predominantly red.

The only thing you can do if your motorcycle “sleeps” outside is put a motorcycle cover over it.

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Winter time means that it’s going to be Christmas soon, and Christmas means that Santa Claus will be coming to visit us, hopefully. But it also means that in many parts of the world, large motorcycle parades will be held with bikers dressed as Santa Claus, or at the very least have a Santa hat on.


Usually these parades are done for charity, especially considering the fact that it’s often freezing cold, so people are more inclined to contribute money for a good cause. Most often the causes are toys for children, like the famous Toys for Tots motorcycle runs.


South Korea Santa-Claus Scooter Parade 2011

Santa parades are not only held in North America, you’ll even find them in countries were you would not think Christmas has a traditional meaning. Countries like South Korea will see large parades of motorcycle-riding-Santa. The same in Japan and other Asian countries. But of course you will also find them in Europe and South America.

But lets face it, it’s nice for Santa to go out in his sledge pulled by reindeer, but using cute animals for heavy labor can be seen as cruel to animals, while riding a motorcycle is not only cool, it is also convenient for Santa.

So if you’re able to ride in the winter, and there’s a gathering near to you, why not dress up as Santa, start up your bike, and join the parade. It’s fun, and for a good cause.

If you want to find out what is being done in your area, head on over to the Toys for Tots site. You’ll be able to search by state and then county. Not everything is motorcycle parades, but you’ll be able to help kids in need. And that is what Christmas is all about, right?

Click here to go to the Toys for Tots web site.

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If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned motorcycle, and you are not too fussy about the model, colors and options, the time to buy a new bike is now.

Since most people stop riding their motorcycle during the winter, many are longing for a new ride the next year. So they will try to offload their motorcycle now, raise the cash, and then in spring buy a new model.

Snowed-In-Motorcycle for sale

In other words, many bikers will be trying to sell their bikes, and the longer it takes, the cheaper the motorcycles become. Many bikers don’t think about buying a motorcycle when it snows, so the demand is low, but the offers are quite plenty.

Check the local newspaper listing, or check the on-line web sites like eBay or Craiglist. You’ll be sure to find some interesting motorcycles for sale at very reasonable prices.

If you are more into a new motorcycle, but you don’t really need next year’s model, now is the time to go through the doors of your local motorcycle dealer. They will be desperate to get rid of this year’s inventory, often giving big discounts.

Maybe you’ll not have the latest model, but in the end, do you really need that extra little gadget, or those 2 extra horsepowers the manufacturer has managed to squeeze out of the engine in next year’s model?

You will have less choice in terms of colors, usually your discounts will be limited to what is in stock. But you will not beat the price. And remember to negotiate. Don’t take their first offer, they need to get rid of their stock if they are getting new models for next year’s riding season.

The only problem you will most probably face is getting the bike home, especially if it’s snowing.

Happy hunting.

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