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Often bikers think they don’t need protective clothing since nothing will happen to them anyway, and if something happens, it’s not the clothing that will protect them. Honest, they do say it.

Well, if you ever need to have an example on how your protective clothing will save you, have a look at the video below. The video is of the French MotoGP racer (and former World Champion Superbike) Loris Baz during a test session at Sepang, Malaysia. He is part of the Ducati Avintia Racing team, and he was going down the very long straight line on the Sepang circuit at 300 kph (180 mph) when the bike mis-functioned and he crashed at full speed.

Here is the video:

At that speed, 180 mph, you are normally toast. You will get shredded by the asphalt, but believe it or not, Loris got up and ran away from upcoming bikes.


What do you say when you walk away of a “290kmh crash” with a bruised elbow and nothing else? BIG THANKS TO Alpinestars

A photo posted by lorisbaz (@lorisbaz) on Feb 1, 2016 at 9:57pm PST

Unbelievable that you can survive such as high speed crash and walk away from it. The technology in protective clothing has become such as you can survive one. And even if you’re not a MotoGP racer, you can still get your hands on proper protective suites. And now you can see why…

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Sena, known for its outstanding wireless communication devices for motorcycle helmets, have released during the latest AIMExpo in Florida a new type of helmet that could herald the future of helmets. A helmet that many bikers have been waiting for.

SENA noise-cancelling integral helmet

SENA noise-cancelling integral helmet

Sena released their first integral helmet, a carbon fibre one, but that wasn’t really the big news; they released the first noise-cancelling motorcycle helmet!

Noise-cancelling is a technology that has been around for a while, and it consists of two loudspeakers, usually in a headphone or earplugs, with one or more integrated microphone(s) that “listen” to the outside ambient noise. When there’s a particular steady noise, like the rumble of an engine, wind, traffic, etc, the built-in processor produces a contrasting noise, thereby cancelling the source noise. My wife uses one to cancel my snoring 😉

You can buy noise-cancelling headphone and earplugs in many electronic shops, and many seasoned travelers in airplanes, underground, trams, buses and cars use them when on the go.

On a motorcycle, your ears are bombarded with loud noises all the time. Not only your engine, but also the wind rushing over your helmet. These noises can, depending on the quality of your helmet, reach very high, even dangerous levels. 100 dB is not unheard off, and even 130 has been measured.

SENA noise-cancelling integral helmet technology

SENA noise-cancelling integral helmet technology

Not only does this mean your hearing will be degraded permanently overtime, but you will also tire quicker during your motorcycle trip, meaning you’ll lose your concentration. It is the main reason many bikers ride with earplugs. Earplugs work fine, they prevent you from hearing these external noises, but they do come with one big negative side effect: it also diminishes important sounds like horns, sirens, squealing brakes & tires.

The new Sena helmet and its associated technology takes care of this. The repeating sounds like your engine (to a degree, since you’ll still need to hear your engine revving up before changing gear) or the wind are filtered out, while sudden noises like a blaring horn or a firetruck’s siren are not.

The helmet is not always on. You need to power-on the noise-cancelling feature yourself, so you can decide at any given moment whether you want it on or not.


Obviously, since Sena make wireless (Bluetooth) communication devices, this helmet can accommodate their latest Bluetooth 4.1 module. This means that not only will the helmet stop outside ambient noises, but you can also listen to music, talk to your pillion or riding buddies or even, heaven forbid, talk on the phone in a quite environment.

The new helmet, including the optional communication module, will weigh in at 3.5 lb (1.6 kgs). No price is known yet, but the helmet will hit your shop Spring 2016. There’s also a strong rumor that we’ll shortly see a flip-up version.

I know what I have on my birthday wish list. Have a look at the introduction video below.

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Jafrum-Logo-new-siteYou may have noticed it, but the Jafrum site has been totally revamped. More modern and up-to-date, it is now much easier to shop for your motorcycle gear, with not only easier navigation, but also a more intuitive way of getting information. Because let’s face it; we’re not only shopping for gear based on price. That would be too easy. You generally are looking for the most information, even comparing similar product.

There are now several ways of getting to what you are looking for. One easy is to shop by type of motorcycle; just click on the top icons.

Motorcycle Type Selector

Motorcycle Type Selector

If you are looking for a specific type of gear, for example a helmet, just hover your mouse over the menu bar below the motorcycle icons. You’ll see, in the case of the helmet menu, all helmet types appear. Click on the type of helmet, and you’ll be brought straight to those types of helmet.

One of the new and interesting functions of the new Jafrum site is the ability to specify the price range. Often bikers go looking for new motorcycle gear with a price budget, for example, they are looking for a helmet between $100 and $200.

Price range selector

Price range selector

The new site has a slider. Slide the left slider to set the minimum price, and the right slider to set the maximum price. This way, only helmet fitting to the price range are displayed.


You can also specify the type of helmet, riding style, color, gender and even brand. These are inclusive options, so each time you select one of the entries, your list is narrowed down even further.

The same selection functions exist for all other types of gear. So an easy way of finding what you are looking for in 1000’s and 1000’s of items in the store.

Many of the items not only have high resolution photos, but also you will often find videos explaining more about the product. We highly recommend you to look at any of the videos (if there is one for an item). They usually give you much more information then what you can find written.

So you not only have all the wonderful, high quality items available for competitive prices at the Jafrum, but now you can find them much more easy, and fully informed.

Happy shopping!

Click here to go see the Jafrum site

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Scorpion motorcycle helmets are very special. Scorpion is an American brand, designed in the USA, and the helmets are quality for a reasonable, often low, price.

As a model group, the Scorpion Exo helmets have a good and solid feel to them, and although they weigh more than the average upmarket helmet, they feel much lighter. And that is because of good engineering, making the helmet’s center lower than normal.

Another thing that sets Scorpion apart from its competitors is noise, or in this case the absence of noise. Scorpion helmets are some of the quietest helmets out there.

Models like the entry-level full-face Scorpion Exo 400 are made out of an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Engineered Shell, resistant towards impact but still light enough to wear comfortably. Although it weights 3 lbs 15 oz, which is considered heavy, it’s still light enough for long rides. Even though this is an entry-level helmet, it’s very good with sufficient color and graphics to give you ample choices. It’s good enough to use as your everyday brain-bucket.

So if you are in the market for a low cost but quality helmet, you can not go wrong with the Exo 400. If you’re not into a full-face helmet, try the Scorpion Exo 200, a jet (open face) style helmet.

With Scorpion, the higher the number, the higher the quality, and therefore the higher the price.

The Scorpion Exo 700 motorcycle helmet is their mid-range full-face offering. It has a removable moisture wicking liner, and if you ride in foggy or moist climates, a very good fog treated visor and it has excellent air flow. The Exo 700 shell is made out of fiberglass and Kevlar, and although these materials should make it lighter, they still weigh 3 lbs 13 oz, not a lightweight but not too heavy either.

The UK motorcycle helmet government testing report gave the Exo 700 4 stars out of 5 (source)

The Exo 700 has recently been superseded by the Exo 750, a fiberglass and Kevlar helmet. Many of the features found on the Exo 1000 helmet (described below) can now be found on this very successful model.

If not, try the Exo 500 helmet. It’s newer, and weighs 3 lbs 10-5/8 oz. It has many of the features you’ll find on their upmarket helmet, the Exo 1000. The Exo 500 is currently one of their best selling helmets.

The UK motorcycle helmet government testing report gave the Exo 500 4 stars out of 5 (source)

The Scorpion Exo 1000 motorcycle helmet is one of their top-of-the-line helmets. The helmet fits tightly (so watch out if using it with glasses, make sure you try it beforehand), making the helmet very safe. The more play there is with a helmet, the more dangerous they are. The helmet is equipped with an air pump, that when pressed, will inflate your cheek-pads. It might sound like a gadget, but any motorcycle racer will tell you that a proper helmet fits totally around your head, face and cheeks. If it doesn’t, you may have a problem. The air pump will ensure that the helmet stays in place if you go off the bike, protecting you head.

The Exo 1000 has 4 different air flow entry points, each can be opened or closed independently. Despite being their upmarket helmet, it’s heavy, 4 lbs 1/4 oz. This makes the helmet more difficult for smaller bikers, especially female riders. But fear not, Scorpion also make helmets specially for females.

The UK motorcycle helmet government testing report gave the Exo 1000 4 stars out of 5 (source)

Most of the Scorpion helmets have a EverClear no-fog coating face shield, protecting you against the build up of fog inside your helmet. The face shields / visors can be removed in seconds.

And finally, while you’re at it, have a look at the cool Scorpion Exo jackets. The ExoWear jackets are durable, rain proof, and offer a lot of protection against not only the elements, but also road rash. You have an excellent choice in colors, from the more traditional dark colors to high visibility fluorescent yellow.

For your benefit, Scorpion have an iPhone app (free) that allows you to see more about their main products. 

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At the Intermot international motorcycle exhibition in Germany, Scorpion came out with full guns blazing with at least 6 new helmets. Here are their new helmets.

Exo-2000 Evo Air



Although not a brand new model, the Exo-2000 Air is now called Exo-2000 Evo Air (so it’s an evolution) and it is even lighter. To be exact, it now weighs 1280 grams. This helmet is best on the track, which it was designed for.

The helmet is equipped with the internal air-expansion system using an air-pump (AirFit HelmetPump), visors with the Pinlock system, Titanium Double-D closing system and quick release in case of an accident.

Exo-1200 Air



The new Exo-1200 Air replaces the Exo-1000 Air and has a visor mounting system (Ellip-Tec) that is easier and with a higher performance. The new shape reduces aerodynamic turbulence.

The helmet is intended for both track and street use.

Exo-710 Air



The Exo-710 Air replaces the 5 year old Exo-710 Air. The model is meant for bikers looking for high quality full face helmets without all the bells and whistles. So no sun visor, but with multiple ventilations slots and the AirFit helmet pump.

The helmet will weigh on average (depending on size) 1450 grams.

Exo-3000 Air



The Exo-3000 Air was a surprise for everyone since Scorpion had only recently released the modular flip-up helmet Exo-910 Air. But the Exo-3000 Air is lighter and much more silent.

The upmarket version of their flip-up helmet is equipped with their air-expansion system, and removable sun visor.




The Exo-200 is a open face/jet helmet that is well vented. It has two air inlets and two air extractors. The new helmet replaces the Exo-210.

The visor itself is long and wide, allowing for better visibility in traffic.

VX-15 Air Evo



As the name implies, this model is an evolution of the VX-15 Air. More graphics, a more aggressive chin and visor and the insides that can be adjusted using the HelmetPump.

Not all technical data was released for all new helmets (data like weight). Neither is it known which if these models will receive DOT/Snell approval.

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Intermot-LogoWorld’s second largest motorcycle exhibition (the largest being the Italian EICMA), Cologne’s (Germany) Intermot, is going to open its doors at the end of the month. Held every two years, the last Intermot exhibition saw 203,000 visitors from all over the world, and 1,022 exhibitors from 37 countries.

Motorcycle exhibitors from all over the world will be showing off their wares, and a lot of new products will be shown for the first time to an overflowing crowd.

Intermot exhibition center

Intermot exhibition center

Of course there will be a plethora of new motorcycles; Ducati will be showing off their new Scrambler, Honda will have one or two new motorcycles and at least one new powerful scooter and both Suzuki and Yamaha are expected to be launching some new bikes at the popular show. Since this is the home turf of BMW, we expect to see at least one new or major revised motorcycle and/or scooter.

The only two USA based motorcycle manufactures who have a press conference to introduce new stuff are Harley-Davidson and Zero Electric.

Many of the manufactures are vying for sales in Asia, particularly India and Pakistan which is a very growing market for them. So expect quite a lot of low displacement models in the 100 to 200 cc range. Suzuki already mentioned a 150cc Gixxer, Yamaha have been making sub-200 cc bikes and then of course Honda who have lost their partnership with Hero and now attempting to take over the market on their own.

Intermot's main Boulevard with all halls on the side

Intermot’s main Boulevard with all halls on the side

But it’s not only new motorcycles that will be shown. Many manufacturers will be showing new helmets, clothing and security gear such as communicating locks (locks that communicate with your phone, in case of a theft attempt). More and more clothing manufacturers are incorporating airbag jackets, so expect to see many more of these.

The official opening is on Wednesday October 1st, but press day (the day the new stuff is introduced) is on Monday 30 September.

So after those dates, you will find much of the new stuff over here. Plenty of photos and a firsthand look at interesting products.

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WD-40 needs very little introduction to anyone who has something mechanical. Anything that moves needs to be lubricated and motorcycles are no exception. The following illustration is one of a biker’s normal workflow diagrams:


But so far, WD-40 has been used mostly as a lubrication oil. A handy spray-can that allows you to spray a good quality oil somewhere to make things move. But now WD-40 have extended their Specialist care product range to include motorcycles.

The WD-40 Special Motorcycle product range is currently on sale in Europe (I haven’t been able to find it in the USA, yet – but it will come, no doubt about it). The products are:

WD-40-Brake-CleanerBrake Cleaner

This product is designed to quickly remove brake dust, dirt, oil, and brake fluid from brake and clutch systems. The fast working formula dries in minutes and leaves no residue. Regular cleaning helps brake discs and pads last longer.

WD-40-Chain-CleanerChain Cleaner

This product is easy to use and quickly removes dirt, grime, dust and oil from chains. Compatible with O, X and Z ring chains the formula blasts off contaminants and dries in minutes. Regular cleaning helps to reduce wear on the chain to maintain performance for longer.

WD-40-Chain-LubeChain Lube

This product provides lasting lubrication and protection for your chain and is O, X, Z ring compatible. Its exceptional long lasting action makes it particularly suitable for dry conditions. It’s also quick drying and provides outstanding anti-fling properties. Regular use helps maintain the performance and life of your chain.

WD-40-Chain-WaxChain Wax

This product provides lasting lubrication and protection for your chain and is O, X, Z ring compatible. Its exceptional long lasting action makes it particularly suitable for dry conditions. It’s also quick drying and provides outstanding anti-fling properties. Regular use helps maintain the performance and life of your chain.

WD-40-Silicone-ShineSilicone Shine

This product is designed to give an all over great shine to your bike. The fast evaporating formula acts quickly and is easy to apply with no need to buff.

WD-40-Total-WashTotal Wash

This product is an all-purpose cleaner designed to quickly cut through traffic film and road grime. This formula leaves a great finish and is sage to use on paintwork, plastic, rubber, aluminium, chrome, carbon fibre and disc pads – basically all over the bike!

WD-40-Wax-PolishWax & Polish

This product is designed to leave your bike with a deep glossy shine. The formula contains Carnauba Wax, one of the hardest naturally occurring waxes, which provides a wet look finish and long lasting shine. It’s great for repelling water, allowing it to bead off paintwork to maintain a fantastic finish for longer. It’s easy to apply and streak free.

So now you can get a complete set of maintenance fluids for your motorcycle, all from that same dependable company (which turned 60 years this year).

You can find the whole range of WD-40 Special Motorcycle Care product by clicking here.

Is this something you would be interested in, or do you think it’s just a marketing gimmick?

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