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Braking is the one aspect of motorcycling that many bikers struggle to master, especially when making an emergency stop. There are a few new motorcycles that have anti-lock brakes, but this option calls for deep pockets; not every biker can afford them.

The problem most bikers face without anti-lock brakes is that if you are riding full out and your wheels lock the result in most cases will not be pretty. Thankfully now there is a reasonably priced motorcycle accessory that comes in second only to the helmet in providing you with safety and protection: Traction Control Brakes.

This accessory is a safety product that can save your life. The brakes on a motorcycle lock on the high and low areas of the rotor. The Traction Control Brake System plays the role of middleman, absorbing the shock to the brake so they float over these areas. It eliminates premature locking of your brakes and gives you an accurate way to gauge how much brake you’re using.

At $79 a wheel, this is one safety feature you cannot afford to do without; Traction Control Brakes can be fitted to 95% of the current bikes on the market. Protect yourself and be safer on the road: see the Traction Control Brake System up close and personal.

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