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It is Bike Security 101: lock it or lose it, but it’s not just for the street anymore. Many bikers feel that parking their bikes out of sight in their garage makes it unnecessary to go through this routine but the thieves among us have gotten very clever: motorcycle thefts from garages are on the increase.

There is a high demand for certain motorcycles just as is the case with cars, so bikers need to be wise and street smart: don’t advertise your bike by parking it on the lawn. Bike thieves rarely break into a garage at random: don’t give the opportunity to case your bike and steal it from your garage.

Taking measures to secure your bike in your garage like it was on the street is the first step: the second thing you have to do is deny a thief the opportunity to get into your garage. That means keeping your garage keys out of sight in a place where thieves cannot get to them easily. That may not stop every thief, but the harder you make it for them to gain access to your bike the more likely they are to give up on the heist.

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