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With the onset of warm weather bikers around the country are eager to be on the road again and part of the fun is attending biker rallies.

One of the first events that always have a huge turnout is Bikefest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which took place June 2nd.

The reports have been pouring in that because of bikers behaving badly, the City Council is going to review hosting the event.

The majority of bikers attend rallies to meet friends, listen to great music, relax and have fun.

But many people on both sides seem to be stuck in the 1950’s: when rock n’ roll music was supposedly the product of an evil force and bikers earned a reputation for striking fear in the hearts of the townsfolk.

Every time bikers gather, there seems to be a great burst of energy released by non-bikers due to fear of the biker stereotype, that a handful of bikers like to keep alive.

It should be noted that college students share the credit with bikers for creating the mischief that is causing the City Council to take a second look at Bikefest.

Behaving badly or biker rage: call it what you will, just like road rage displayed by drivers, it’s bad news.

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