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Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere in the mountains, you will know that there is a group of extremists fighting in the Middle East that is extremely violent and blood thirsty – ISIS (aka Da’esh). Beheading many of their occidental hostages seems to be the main headline grabbing theme for these radical muslim groups.

In Syria the Kurds have been living under oppression for centuries, and now to make their lives even more miserable the ISIS is striking at this group as well. So they are being attacked by the Syrian government, the Turkish and now the terrorist group.

Many impressionable youngsters have gone to that part of the Middle East to join up with the terror group. It’s been in all the newspapers and TV news stations. Youngsters from all over the world have been motivated by some misguided muslim clergy and have gone to help decapitate prisoners.

But on the other side, several members of the Dutch 1%-er biker gang “No Surrender” went to Syria to help the Kurds in their struggle against the ISIS. They were shortly followed by gang members from the German Median Empire motorcycle gang.

Dutch "No Surrender" member Ron in Syria

Dutch “No Surrender” member Ron in Syria

Both gangs are violent in their own right, often in turf wars with neighboring gangs. So they know all about shooting and violence, except now they are joining the fight for the good guys. The German gang even started a funding page to try to fund the Kurds’ war, looking at raising €1 million. Unfortunately their effort how fell very short from their target.

The Dutch Minister of Justice and prosecutors had announced that since the Dutch biker gang was fighting against terrorists and not with them, they were entitled to do so legally (The Dutch are fighting alongside the USA against ISIS). They would not be prosecuted when they returned, in sharp contrast will all the people who went to fight for ISIS.

But after the initial publicity died down, the reactions turned. The Kurds in Syria are saying “please don’t come”. Maybe they are afraid what will happen afterwards. Or are the Kurds afraid that an extremely violent group of people will make things even tougher for them?

Dutch "No Surrender" member Ron in Syria

Dutch “No Surrender” member Ron in Syria

The Kurds aren’t set up to host foreign fighters. No translators, no housing, no weapons and no strategy, while the ISIS are not only welcoming foreigners, they have all the tools to do so.

But whatever the real situation, it shows that biker gangs can take the side of the good guys in the fight against terror. They may have a lot of negative publicity when things go wrong, a little publicity when they do the right thing (like toy runs), this move has given them some positive publicity.

You can see a video interview with one of the Dutch bikers in Syria:

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