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For many bikers riding a motorcycle is fashion enough. It’s the bike that is important, not the outfit. But for some, the outfit complements the motorcycle. Many will color-match the bike’s colors.

Dior Jacket

Dior Jacket

Although motorcycle clothing is not a fashion as such, the fashion industry does have biker clothing that is inspired by the motorcycle world. But very few bikers will wear that kind of clothing. Very few. These fashion items are not safe for bikers. Leather biker jackets, biker boots, all are part of today’s fashion industry.

But to what point do bikers dress up when riding to be fashionable? Actually, a fair number of them. Fashion is that what non-bikers wear, but real bikers do put on clothing that is fashionable. Hoodies have become quite an important part of today’s fashionable biker. And before that, bikers would put on clothing that was popular; chaps, vests, cut-offs, etc.



The clothing isn’t to make a fashion statement, but more to be identified as a biker. When you see someone dressed in a cut-off vest, chaps and big boots, you’ll automatically identify that person as a biker. Someone who is proud to be a biker.

So most bikers don’t dress in “biker” style, but non-bikers dress fashionably as bikers. It’s a strange world out there.

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