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Many riders love riding and discovering new places. Often we love riding our motorcycle to exotic places, marveling at the sights. But many haven’t even discovered our own country. Here is an idea for a motorcycling holiday; ride the Four Corners Motorcycle Tour.

The Four Corners Motorcycle Tour is a long distance motorcycle ride, a bit like the Iron Butt rides but without the forced daily long distances you need to accomplish. You need to ride your motorcycle to the four corners of the USA, and you have 21 days to do it. So it’s not extreme riding, you can turn it into a real holiday event.


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The Four Corners are San Ysidro in California, Blaine in Washington, Madawaska in Maine and Key West in Florida. There is no mandatory sequence or itinerary, as long as you visit the four cities within 21 days.

The Four Corners Motorcycle Tour is run by the Southern California Motorcycling Association, and you need to not only register, but also pay a small administrative fee. The Association sends you a towel with your participation number and a form (and a hat).

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Once you’ve done your mileage and been to these four places, you need to send the Association proof that you have been there. The proof consists of:

  1. A gas receipt from each Four Corner city
  2. The Association form, filled in and completed
  3. A photo taken with your motorcycle, your registration towel and as background the city’s post office, police station or another main landmark.

Once you’ve sent in the data, the Association will send you a commemorative plaque with your name, honoring you for having completed this trip. It’s something to be proud of, since not that many have done it, usually 100 or so per year.

Depending on your planned itinerary, expect to ride some 7,000 miles, and obviously that does not include the ride to the first Four Corner city and the ride home. On average, you’ll be riding a little over 300 miles per day, so not very unrealistic or tough.

If you really want to go hardcore, you can ride the Four Corners Motorcycle Tour “True X”, which requires riding to the Four Corner cities, and then to the center, namely Lebanon in Kansas. For that, you have 26 days to ride the some 11,000 miles (average 420 miles per day).

If you want to see how it goes, head on over to Jim’s Motorcycle Trips blog. He’s going for the tour around May 29th, and you can follow his trip on his blog. Click here to follow the trip. He is using a SPOT GPS tracker, so you can see where he is at any moment.

Click here to go to the Southern California Motorcycling Association for more information, or to register for the Four Corners Motorcycle Tour.

Make sure you’ve got a good GPS.

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