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We’ve all heard of biker gangs, the famous/notorious 1%ers. These motorcycle clubs (M/C), called names like Hells Angels, Bandidos, Rebels, etc are common place, you will find them all over the world. The term 1%er was coined by the AMA when one of the gangs came into the news after some violence. AMA stated that they represented 1% of the motorcycle population. And the term stuck.

But there is another biker gang, maybe another 1% of the motorcycle population, which is called the Blue Knights.

Blue Knights-logo The Blue Knights, an international motorcycle club, is not what you think. If you think “Blue” and see a bit of TV than you’ll have probably seen one of the police series with the word “Blue” in it; NYPD Blue, Rookie Blue, Hill Street Blues, The Thin Blue Line, etc. Yes, the word “Blue” refers to the police. And yes, the Blue Knights are a club of Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) who ride motorcycles.

It’s not an official police gang, but a group of officers who work(ed) in law enforcement who have a motorcycle club.

Like many other 1% gangs, they go on motorcycle rides, do charity work and hang out in their club houses. The organization is a not-for-profit one, and was created in 1974 by several LEOs in Bangor, Maine. Often you see them riding in official rides as security and stewards.


The organization has contributed $16.5 million towards charities around the world. They currently have 637 chapters with over 20,000 members in 25 countries. Like other motorcycle “gangs” they have a logo and patches for their leathers, and of course they have a web site.

Click here to access the Blue Knights main web site.

So next time you see a motorcycle gang, they might just be a gang that is on the other side of the law.

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