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If you have ever dreamed of owning and riding a motorcycle, here’s another reason to make that move: the zero emissions Brammo “Enertia” electric motorcycle gives you a thrill while you go green.

Electric motorcycles have been around for quite a while—and they’re no wimps either. In fact, if you have 100 Grand sitting around gathering dust, the “KillaCycle” is ready to drop your jaw at 168mph over a quarter of a mile, making it the world’s fastest electric motorcycle.

For the first time bikers who want to go green and spend a little less “ka-ching,” the Brammo Enertia will be the fist legal motorcycle powered by electric batteries. The production announcement was made in July 2007 and the advance orders are pouring in for the first mass-produced electric motorcycle. Obviously, this bike is not meant for touring, the main focus is the urban commuter market.

With a price under $15,000 it’s easy to show Mother Nature respect without giving up on the performance you crave: the bike goes from zero to 30 mph in 3.8 seconds. And charging your bike batteries is easy too: at a speed of 50 mph the Enertia gives you up to 45 miles per charge, just get yourself to the nearest outlet and you’re good-to-go. Check the videos at http://www.enertiabike.com.

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