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Yamaha are popular motorcycles and although not as expensive as many, it’s still too much for many to afford. You can of course buy a miniature scaled model, and many do so, but how about making one?

Yamaha have on their web site many of their popular motorcycles in a DIY fashion. All you need is patience, a printer, scissors, glue and lots of paper. Because these models are all papercraft, in other words, they are made out of paper. Click here to go to the Yamaha realistic papercraft models.



Yamaha have downloadable PDF files, either in full color or black & white, that once you’ve downloaded them, and printed them, you use your scissors and glue and make your own model. Each model has many pages since they are very detailed. You can also just download individual details.

Their popular R1 sports motorcycle is available, but so are many other models, like the Vmax or YZ450FM. Or if you prefer a scooter, there’s also the Tmax scooter.

Maybe if you resize the printouts to a bigger size, you can actually make the model bigger, maybe even life-size like this guy has done;

Or if you taste lies more with Harley-Davidson, you can make this Harley.

Maybe it’s not as detailed as the Yamaha, but it’s going to be a lot quicker to make.

If you really want to go wild making paper models, here’s a site that lists many of the paper models from other sites, so you don’t need to hunt them all down.

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