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Whether you are biking to work or across country, you can never have enough storage space butcargo storage you don’t want to weigh down your bike too much with extra luggage. Having all of your necessities at your fingertips just got easier with the Grab-it Pack. With a design that mimics the ever-ready gun holster, this nifty water-resistant storage gadget was invented by Louis Kiss, a Hollywood Stuntman and Special Effects Makeup Artist.

The Grab-it Pack is great for holding your wallet, cell phone, keys and coins: all the small stuff that you need on your ride. It’s designed to hug your hip, and straps secure it around your waist and your leg. It can be worn on either your right or left side or if you really need A LOT of storage room you can wear one on both sides. Velcro flaps hold all of your stuff securely in place making it easy to open and get to the things you need when on your motorcycle.

The Grab-it Pack is one of those items that can be used by every biker. It has a no-nonsense functional design gives you extra on-body cargo space that you can remove when you reach your destination. Way cool and reasonably priced to boot. Check it here.

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