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The state laws that make it mandatory for bikers to wear a helmet laws are useful, but the new “reckless driving” law proposed in the State of Florida (HB137 2008), may cause problems for bikers who are riding safely.

If this new law goes into effect, it will prohibit motorcyclists from performing stunts such as “wheelies” on public roads. At first glance it sounds like a good idea; it’s easy to see how a motorcyclist who performs a stunt on a public street or highway poses a danger to themselves and other motorists.

Basically this new law states that bikers must keep both wheels on the ground at all times. If a biker fails to do this or is driving 30mph over the speed limit, a police officer can arrest and take the rider into custody.

The rider’s motorcycle will be seized and if the rider is found guilty the Department of Motor Vehicles will be ordered by the Court to revoke their motorcycle endorsement. The rider will lose their bike and their privilege to legally ride a motorcycle in Florida. Follow this link to read the bill: Reckless Driving.

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