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Most riders I know have a confidence that’s almost contagious: an enthusiasm for life that is found in women and men in every walk of life. I have heard it more than once while riding that a lot of people think motorcycles are sexy. If you agree, the staff of Jafrum would like to hear your top ten reasons why. Let us hear your story!

Everyone who has made the decision to purchase a motorcycle has a story of the journey there and how it has continued. The first time I saw a motorcycle I was transfixed: as an artist, the design and engineering just blew me away. From that moment I knew I had to learn how to ride and control this beautiful and powerful machine. It was the idea of harnessing all of the power within that fantastic mechanical work of art that is top of my list of what makes motorcycles sexy.

Then about 6 months later, I starting dating a guy who owned a motorcycle and riding as a passenger only made me more excited about taking the wheel. Even at the slowest speed the feeling was exhilarating and I never felt more alive. I took the plunge and bought a used Harley-Davidson Sportster and the adventure began.

But I felt like a person with two left feet when it came to the motorcycle safety course. Anyone who tells you “it’s a piece of cake” should have been with me during my experience. Every time I take an instruction course to build up my skills, I realize that there is real science at work riding a motorcycle well. That’s really makes it, well–sexy. What’s your story?

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