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Photo courtesy of Rockymtnmoto.com

Photo courtesy of Rockymtnmoto.com

To make your motorcycle road trip rewarding, it’s essential to plan ahead, from the route you will travel to ensuring you have the gear you need to handle any situation.

To be prepared for whatever may happen on the road, here are the final 5 essentials to complete our top ten list of must have items you should pack:

  1. Roadmap: You should carry a laminated, foldable roadmap. A travel compass is also a great tool to help you get your bearings. A solid GPS system with bike mount is a good investment or a cell phone broad band Internet access to online GPS can work.
  2. Security: A wheel lock, heavy chain with a lock. Make sure that the lock is long enough so it can secure both wheels to make it difficult to be rolled away. You may also want to disable your bike for an added level of protection.
  3. Spare key: It’s a smart idea to carry a spare ignition key because, hey ya never know. Stow it in a ziplock plastic bag and secure it in a safe place on your bike or in your gear.
  4. Motorcycle mechanics list: Check your bike thoroughly before you take off down the road and make a list of bike repair shops along your journey. Keep it in a plastic protector with your important documents.
  5. Personal necessities: Power snacks like nuts and dried fruits give you long lasting energy. Decaf 5-hour Energy has B-vitamins and amino acids plus choline to enhance mental clarity.And don’t forget the toiletries; sanitary wipes, tooth brush, toothpaste and deodorant.

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