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If you are heading out for a long motorcycle road trip, you have to be careful in packing your gear.

You want to keep the weight low and close to the center of the bike and you also need to make sure that both sides of your saddlebags weigh approximately the same.

Secure loose items with net or stretch cord and stow your lightest gear in the rear rack and tank bag. You never know what will happen on the road, here are the first five of the top ten motorcycle road trip essentials:

  1. Tool kit: Tire repair equipment, air pump, a metric hex wrench set, screwdrivers and lockable pliers, ratchet wrenches and a multi-purpose hand tool.

    For simple electrical repairs include a flashlight, rolls of duct and electrical tape, a mini voltmeter, spark plugs, wire, a wire stripper, fuses and spare bulbs.

  2. Personal gear: Dress in layers to save weight, use synthetic underwear and socks for easy maintenance. A good rain suit that has reflective stripes and a mesh lining for an extra layer of protection from moisture.

    Foam ear plugs are important to use no matter how quiet your helmet may be: wind turbulence can cause hearing damage and drains your energy.

  3. Identification: Make photocopies of all of your documentation: emergency contact information, driver’s license and registration, bike and health insurance and road service cards, use a plastic page cover and store in a waterproof bag.
  4. Communication: Having a fully charged mobile phone along with an extra charged battery helps you stay connected and is invaluable in times of emergency.
  5. First-aid: A bottle of antiseptic, pain tablets, sterile bandages and an elastic bandage for sprains.

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