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Icon Regulator Search and Destroy Vest

Icon Regulator Search and Destroy Vest

The name of this vest, Icon Regulator Search and Destroy Vest, says it all already. This is some serious stuff.

The 100% leather vest is meant not only to look cool and to protect your back, but to make you look serious while riding your cruiser. The back has removable armor, just an added extra safety, and the nice part is that it can easily fit over your existing jacket.

I went for a quick spin with the vest. First I went out with just the vest, but temperature proved to be still a bit too cold. It was 57°F and although I had on a jumper, my arms were getting too cold. I did have the armor on, just in case (you never know). My body was kept quite warm, so the vest will work nicely when the weather turns really nice, but pre-spring, without a jacket, wasn’t for me.

Icon-Regulator-Search-and-Destroy-Vest-2So back I went and put on a normal leather jacket (Basic Leather Jacket MJ402). There’s more than enough space in the Icon vest to put it over the jacket; no squeezing in, no straining. Since the leather jacket wasn’t equipped with armor, I kept the icon back protector in.

The vest worked like a charm, but then why wouldn’t it? It looks good, if not cool, and it’s got two zipper pockets deep enough to carry most of my stuff. On top of that, the straps on the sides allow you to make the vest fit perfectly. The back armor is well located, you don’t feel it.

The Icon is “pricey”, but that’s because only the best leathers were used. This is no cheap knock-off, it’s the real deal. Solid, warm and safe.

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