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President Bush is now an honorary member of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club complete with his own leather jacket. And you cannot help but wonder which motorcycle the President would ride: would it be a Harley-Davidson, Triumph or Honda?

Many of the Rolling Thunder bikers are veterans and reminded President Bush that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of benefits veterans receive during active duty and after they leave the service.

This was a very appropriate way to mark the end of Motorcycle Safety Month. With Rolling Thunder’s visit to the White House on May 25th, it also underscored that what we really need are uniform motorcycle laws across the United States as well as increased driver education on how to share the road with bikers. Perhaps this event will encourage our lawmakers to turn a more careful eye to the legislature that is high the bikers lists of concerns.

Of course bikers need to do their part as well. It is a mystery to me why after countless motorcycle accidents, some of them fatal, that there are STILL bikers who ride without proper training, protective gear, license or insurance.

The more bikers respect their own safety, the easier it will be for drivers to do the same.

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